The PGA WORKS Fellowship aspires to be the most valuable entry-level employment opportunity for individuals from diverse backgrounds to garner experience in all facets of the golf industry

  • The gender and ethnicity of leading golf organizations' boards, senior leadership, and full time staff is homogeneous

  • The PGA WORKS Fellowship desires to establish a pool of diverse talent that is prepared to ascend to key employment positions within golf

Middle Atlantic Section PGA WORKS Fellow - Tajma Brown

  • Graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management from Hampton University

  • Graduated in May 2017 with a Master’s of Science in Sports Management from West Virginia University

  • In five years, I see myself working with a task force at the PGA to help bring more women and other minority groups into the game. I believe that to tackle the issue of diversity and inclusion in golf, it must start with the marketing and promotion of programs that already exist, specifically speaking on programs for youth.


Carolinas Section PGA WORKS Fellow - Jessica Asbury

  • Graduated in May 2017 with an Undergraduate degree in Sports Management from Pfeiffer University

  • I am interested in pursuing a career within the golf industry and promoting diversity across gender, race and socioeconomic barriers. I love that through golf you’re able to meet a diverse network of people.